HWS Veterinarian List

Locate a Hedgehog Friendly Veterinarian

The following is a list of hedgehog friendly veterinarians in the U.S. and abroad. This list has been compiled by friends and members of the Hedgehog Welfare Society and is maintained by the HWS as a courtesy to the hedgehog community. The HWS makes no claims as to the quality and or experience of the included vets in this directory. Please choose your veterinarian as carefully as you would your own doctor.

If your hedgehog’s veterinarian is not listed here, please send us his/her name, clinic name, address and phone number and we will add the listing. If you find an error in the listing, or if you find a vet who no longer treats hedgehogs, please let us know. All additions or corrections can be sent to us at info@hedgehogwelfare.org, and please put "vet submission" in the subject line.

Thanks for helping us keep our files up to date!

The List below is SORTED Alphabetically By CITY


Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital
744 N. Center Street
Mesa, AZ

Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Bill Langhofer
7311 E. Thomas Road
Scottsdale, AZ

Valley Animal Hospital
Dr. Andrew Bean
Dr. Ashley Morgan
4984 E. 22 Street
Tucson, AZ

Acacia Animal Hospital
Dr. Audrey Siegrist
4205 N. Campbell Ave.
Tucson, AZ

Cimarron Animal Hospital
Dr. Debra Bohnke
180 N. Harrison Road
Tucson, AZ

If you need help with vet bills for a rescued hedgehog, please fill out the attached for and send it in along with your paid vet bills." (form attached)