HWS Relinquishment

If you need to find a home for a hedgehog currently in your possession, you've come to the right place.

Sometimes finding a new, responsible, loving forever home for your quilly companion is inevitable. Children can lose interest. Sometimes a family no longer has the time. Perhaps a move into an illegal state and you just want to keep your hedgehog safe. Or maybe your hedgehog is sick and you want to find someone better suited to care for the illness. The HWS can help make this a little easier by helping you to find the perfect home.

(NOTE: If you are located in Canada, we will do our best to help you find a home for your hedgehog, but that may not always be possible since we cannot transport hedgehogs over the border between Canada and the U.S.)

If you need to find immediate placement for your hedgehog, see our Approved Rescue Facilities to contact a rescue facility in your area.

Please note that releasing your hedgehog into the wild is not appropriate re-homing. Your hedgehog will die if released outside. Hedgehogs are not native to the United States or Canada. Therefore you are not releasing them into the wild "where they belong". Please allow us to help you find a home for your hedgehog!

Please fill out the form below. YOU MUST CLICK/PRESS the Large Green "SUBMIT FORM" button at the bottom of the page in order to send us the information you input on this form. If you do not click the Submit Form button, we do not receive anything. As of March 6th 2023, the sender (YOU) will receive a confirmation email (Subject Line = "HWS - Relinquishment Sent") when the Large Green "Submit Form" button at the bottom has been pressed/submited.


I certify that I am the owner of the hedgehog described below. I verify that I am legally authorized to surrender the hedgehog described below and relinquish all rights and title to this animal to the Hedgehog Welfare Society (HWS). I waive any and all claims for damages against the HWS.

I hereby agree to indemnify HWS against any claim that I am not authorized to surrender the hedgehog. I hereby authorize the HWS to adopt the hedgehog out to a new home or for it to become property of the HWS Rescue Facility providing sanctuary.

I hereby give ownership of said animal to the Hedgehog Welfare Society to be placed for adoption or humanely euthanized if health issues require it (would only be done in extreme circumstances), at the discretion of the Hedgehog Welfare Society.

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Hedgehog's name:
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If you've already talked to someone in our organization who is going to take your hedgie, please tell me who so I can forward them a copy of your relinquishment form:
Description of your hedgehog (personality, color, etc.)
Does your hedgehog have any known health issues? If so, has it seen a vet (please include any vet documentation you have as to diagnosis, what`s been done, etc)? Is it on any medication at the moment, and if so, what med and what dosage? Please be honest. We will still take your hedgehog if it`s sick, but we need to know in advance for the proper placement.
What food is your hedgehog eating now? Will you be able to supply some food with him/her to avoid a sudden upset with changing foods?
What accessories will be included (cage, wheel, food, etc.)?
What is the reason for relinquishing this hedgehog? (Important for research)
Is there a specific date that the hedgehog needs to be out of your care, or can you keep him/her until a suitable home is found?
How far are you able to drive in order to place your hedgehog?
Where did you purchase this hedgehog? List pet store or breeder and location. (Important for research)

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Thank you! We look forward to helping you and your hedgehog(s).