HWS Adoption Application

Thank you for considering sharing your home with a hedgehog!

Please keep in mind that we will not always have hedgehogs available for adoption in your area. If this is the case, we will keep your adoption application on file for future reference and notify you should a hedgehog need a new home in your area.

PLEASE NOTE: It is illegal to have a hedgehog in California, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Washington DC and all the boroughs of New York City. In other areas, you may need a permit to have one, so please check with your local city/county.

Please keep in mind that it is the policy of The Hedgehog Welfare Society NOT to adopt to anyone under the age of 21 (no exceptions).

NOTE:  The HWS does this as a service and does not charge for adoptions or relinquishments (although we always accept donations).  The only exception to this would be if the hedgehog is in the care of one of the HWS Rescue Facilities.  We do allow them to charge up to a $50 rehoming fee to cover some of their expenses while the hedgehog was in their care (vet bills, travel to pick up or deliver, etc.).  An individual giving up their hedgehog cannot charge you for it.  We can't assume that cages, wheels or any other equipment comes with the hedgehog, so you can negotiate that, but it is not part of the adoption.

Please fill out the application below. YOU MUST CLICK/PRESS the Large Green "SUBMIT FORM" button at the bottom of the page in order to send us the information you input on this form. If you do not click the Submit Form button, we do not receive anything. As of March 6th 2023, the sender (YOU) will receive a confirmation email (Subject Line = "HWS - Adoption Sent") when the Large Green "Submit Form" button at the bottom has been pressed/submited.

We strongly suggest you join the Hedgehog Welfare online discussion group to find out about available rescues and to keep updated on hedgehog care. Please join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hedgehogwelfare/ You are also encouraged to join the Hedgehog Welfare Society by going to "Become a Member".

Name, First and Last:  Preferred Prefix (Mr. Mrs. Ms.)
Street Address:
Zip/Postal Code:
Country, if not U.S.
Email Address:
HOME Telephone Number:
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WORK Telephone Number:
Your Birth Month & Birth Year
If there are children living in your home, please list their ages:
If you've already talked to someone in our group who has a hedgehog for you, please tell me who so I can let them know when you're approved to adopt.
What made you decide to open your home to a rescued hedgehog?
Do you understand that a rescued hedgehog can sometimes be a challenge in health and/or temperament, and as such, can require a large amount of time and attention? Yes
Do you understand that when a hedgehog gets sick, it can incur very high vet bills, sometimes $1000 or more, and would you be able to handle that if it happened? Yes
Do you have any prior experience with hedgehogs? Yes
If yes, please explain.
Please describe your set up for this hedgehog (cage size, feeders, waterers, bedding, etc.)
Where will your hedgehog be living and what is the average room temperature?
Does the area receive natural sunlight? Yes
Do you rent or own your home? Rent
If you rent, name and phone number of landlord/landlady or rental agency?
Do you have other animals in the home? If so, please list them.
If you currently have other hedgehogs, please list their ages and sex.
What type of diet do you plan to feed your hedgie? Please be as specific as possible.
Do you agree to take the hedgehog to a licensed veterinarian dealing with exotic animals at the first sign of illness or injury? Yes
Please provide a name, address and phone number for the vet you plan to use (Not all vets treat hedgehogs, so make sure this vet does.).
Do you have someone who can care for your hedgehog if you go away or become ill? Yes
Do you agree not to breed this hedgehog? Yes
Do you agree to return this hedgehog to the nearest Hedgehog Welfare Society Rescue Station in the event you cannot keep him/her, no longer want him/her or can no longer provide quality care for him/her? Yes
How far would you be willing to travel to pick up a relinquished hedgehog?
Please provide the names and E-MAIL ADDRESSES (phone numbers not accepted) for three non-related personal references.   We may check your references before an adoption is approved. Please understand that these steps are taken to ensure the safety and future happiness of all pets leaving our rescue stations. 
(no Facebook addresses accepted)

YOU MUST CLICK/PRESS the Large Green "SUBMIT FORM" button above
in order to send us the information you input on this form.